Lifework Advance Co.

Good Work for better Life

Bilingual Engineer & Global Professionals

​System Engineering Service (SES)

Lifework Advance Co.

Founded : February 2,  2012

Paid in Capital : JPY 10,000,000.- 

CEO : Hiromi Okada

Our Mission

•Information Technology related human resource services and consultation

•System Engineering Services (SES)

•Translation and interpretation between English and Japanese

Based on our motto of  “Good Work for Better Life” , Lifework Advance is aiming to be a rewarding work platform for bilingual engineers and global professionals. Simultaneously,  in order to  provide high-quality services with reasonable prices to our clients,  we are trying to break-through multi-layered sub-contract vendor structures of Japanese IT industry, and make a revolution in the human resource market.

Our Features

The Human Resources Market will follow the Beef and Orange Markets. With Japan having the fastest-aging population and a declining birth rate, the Japanese labor market is very likely to open up and to take in a young labor force from overseas.

The process of globalization of human resources, money and products is likely to accelerate. Especially, IT engineers who have learned programing and coding in their undergraduate years can be immediate contributors to global IT operations.  Working with people from foreign countries can provide precious professional experiences for Japanese people.

We have acquired excellent professionals from various countries.

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CEO Hiromi Okada

Hiromi Okada has worked for American/British/European financial institutions in the fields of trading and research, and asset management. Hiromi received her B.A from Keio University, and Master of Science in Management from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Official Blog: Think Global


Personal Blog: My Life & Work

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Human Resource Market will follow the Beef & Orange Markets

When I was growing up, beef was very expensive in Japan and in general people couldn't eat it very often. When I ate an orange for the first time, I was amazed by its unique citrus flavor, similar to but strangely different from the taste of mikan tangerines

You Have Done Well,  But You Are Fired

When I worked for an American company in Japan, there was a Japanese employee in its US headquarters.

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ライフワーク・アドバンスは、ネットワーク、ERP、SAP、Java、SalesForce などのシステム・エンジニアリング・サービスSES)等、グローバル人材バイリンガル・エンジニアを応援します。

Lifework Advance is supporting global businesses with global professionals and bilingual engineers in network, ERP, SAP, SFDC, Oracle, Java and many kinds of system development

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We are looking for global professionals in various fields. Bilingual engineers are always more than welcome, and we sponsor your visa if you are qualified.


Address:  〒1413-0002静岡県熱海市伊豆山764

Lifework Advance Co.