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The attitude of hard-working global professionals is truly inspiring

Our Indian woman engineer is taking her maternity leave and going back to India for a while. As I believe maternity leave should be unpaid in order for employees to take leave easily without any extra burden to their employers and colleagues, she will not be paid during her leave. Nevertheless, I will make every effort to help her to come back to work when her leave is finished.

I met her when she just came to Japan with her husband, just after Lifework Advance was founded. She did not speak any Japanese when she started working with our client, and it caused extra burdens for them. However, our client’s staff members were so dedicated to achieving their missions that they provided the needed support for her. Thanks to their generous help, her Japanese made constant progress and she could become a key part of their workforce.

I was really impressed to hear that she would take a training course to learn new technology in India before the delivery in August. As always, I really respect her serious attitude and ambition. Not only India, but also in other emerging countries, young people are filled with desire to improve their lives by their hard work and they seem to be more enthusiastic about their career development. In other words, they strongly believe if they work harder, their life will be better. It perfectly fits the concept of Lifework Advance Co., “Good Work for Better Life”. Until recently, people in Japan and China were like this, but after the economies became mature, and it became easier to have a decent standard of living, their motivation to work “deadly hard” might have been weakened….

Still, meeting and working with ambitious, hard-working people is always inspiring. Therefore, I wish that employees in our client companies would view working with such people as a precious professional experience. I actively hire highly motivated global professionals from developing countries as well as various other countries. Furthermore, I sincerely hope to provide truly rewording career opportunities to our staff.

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